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Choosing a destination for your business is a considerable undertaking that must meet the best interests of your organization. Imagine being in the heart of Europe where diverse and talented people work. Where your neighbors are global leaders in high tech, logistics, chemicals, life sciences and agrifood. Where you have a partner supporting you every step of the way to ensure a flawless experience. Just imagine Brabant, where your business and people grow!

Why Brabant?

Your neighbors in Brabant

Bosch Security Systems detects high tech talent in Brabant

Bosch Security Systems detects high tech talent in Brabant

“As the world’s smartest region, Eindhoven is a global magnet for high tech talent. In Brabant, we enjoy close co-operation with world renowned science and technical universities that are home to a third of Brabant’s higher education students, " explains Rindert Kroos, Bosch Security Systems’ HR Director.

How our people can help you

BOM Foreign Investments provides comprehensive support to ensure that companies coming into Brabant always have expert local advice at hand. Whether it be issues with building permits, finding new premises or sites for development, questions regarding employment law, understanding tax incentives, or help with business development and networking, this local team of experts is at your disposal, free of charge.

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