Because in Brabant, your business and people grow!

300 million consumers within 500 kilometers | tens of thousands of businesses and institutes | 90% of people speak English | 75% has intermediate or university level education | #1 region in Europe for number of patents filed

When it comes to business, Brabant has a lot going for it!

You can find easy access to 300 million Europeans within 500 km of Brabant's central location. When it comes to setting up your HQ, sales and marketing, manufacturing, customer care or logistics the region offers affordable real estate, best-in-class infrastructure and a favorable tax regime to significantly lower your costs. Our extensive ecosystems in high tech, logistics, chemicals, life sciences, aerospace and agrifood take your collaboration possibilities to a new dimension. Cross-sector collaboration in a broad array of specialized ecosystems is deeply ingrained in Brabant’s DNA.  Global industry leaders are interwoven with world renowned knowledge institutes and government.

Brabant ticks all the boxes and adds one major attribute: it's people

In Brabant, we have talented people that love to engage and share with others. They welcome collaboration and use it daily to learn, innovate, find solutions to global issues as well as to socialize. Their eagerness to roll up their sleeves and jump in are the makings of Brabant’s trademark. Our highly educated people pride themselves on being open-minded, eager to share, welcoming and helpful. Knowledge sharing is applauded and effortless collaboration and networking with high performing industry experts is a way of life here. 

Fujifilm selects Brabant’s collaboration power to boost innovation

Fujifilm selects Brabant’s collaboration power to boost innovation

”Brabant’s concentration of eco-systems and unique global offering in cutting-edge collaboration is exceptional. Using this infrastructure to future-proof our business as well as to stimulate growth and development has become part of everyday life for us.”

Kick start your business in Brabant

World-class airports, top-ranked seaports and high-speed road, rail, water and broadband networks are on your doorstep. This combined with with an abundance of real estate means Brabant is the perfect starting point for your distribution. Located between two of the world’s biggest seaports: Rotterdam and Antwerp, our direct neighbors are Belgium and Germany. France and the UK are also just a stone’s throw away. Our region is well connected by water, rail as well as road, and offers multi-modal facilities to lower your transport costs. Its proximity to the airports of Amsterdam, Brussels and Dusseldorf as well as Eindhoven offers easy access to, and from, worldwide destinations.

Your set up and operational costs are minimized through affordable real estate and a favorable tax environment as well as economical telecommunications costs -  the second lowest in the world. Your logistics consistently run smoothly thanks to the pro-business attitude of government and customs authorities.

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