The right formula for chemicals and biobased products

The fact that the largest chemicals site in the Netherlands is situated in Brabant is no coincidence! We are strategically located in the geographical heart of the biggest chemical cluster in the world - ARRRA (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Rhine Ruhr Area) accounting for 40% of the EU’s total chemical production. Referred to as ‘The Chemical Portal to Europe’, the Netherlands excels in Industrial Biotechnology, High Performance Materials and Fine Chemicals, together generating an annual turnover of €50 billion.

Your neighbours in Brabant

Our rich chemicals sector ecosystem offers you advanced collaboration possibilities opening up easy access to our highly educated people, companies, research institutions. You can also take advantage of our shared utility sites, physical infrastructure and test facilities such as the Green Chemistry Campus, Port of Moerdijk and Nieuw Prinsenland.


If education, R&D and logistics feature high on your wish list then Brabant’s appeal as a biobased, chemicals hub is interesting for you. 

  • The Eindhoven University of Technology offers Master programs in chemical engineering and chemistry and two dedicated clusters: Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry + Chemical and Process Technology.
  • The Dutch Polymer Institute, based in Eindhoven, partners with 50 knowledge institutes and 30 companies worldwide.  Currently 200 our our researchers (PhDs and Post-Doctoral) are involved in global projects. 
  • 150,000 of our people are active in logistics and packaging.
Kolb conquers Europe from Brabant

Kolb conquers Europe from Brabant

KOLB had a choice of a variety of locations in European cities where a conducive production environment was catered to by the presence of major chemical companies. These selfsame conditions existed at the Moerdijk industrial estate thanks to the presence of, amongst others, Shell.

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